Dextrion Technologies Corp. provides sourcing and support services for Media operations related to Film, Television, Commercials, Print Media and Web based productions. We take pride in providing a personalized service. Browse the links below for an overview of our products and services. Pride and Honor play a large role in our efforts to provide our clients with a comfortable stress free experience. We work hard to find the best outside of the box soutions in todays complex world to create simple efficient, quality and cost effective results. We look forward to being of service.

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Locations – Rentals
  • Indoor & Outdoor Locations
  • Themed Locations
  • Short – Medium – Long Term Rentals
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Production Offices
  • Non furnished & furnished
  • Small – Medium – Large locations
  • Short – Medium – Long Team Retals

Location Rentals – Location Scouts / End Users

Reduced demand for production related locations in Metro Vancouver over the past few years along with many areas being re-developed have seen a low supply of our traditional locations in the 1000 to 12,000 sf range. Some property owners or managers also have a low interest in short term rentals. Recent months have seen production demands ramping up, with this in mind we will be rebuilding our inventories over the coming months and look forward to adding them to our offering on this site.

Our objective is to provide space that fits your needs and budget. We also look to build long term working relationships. Liaison between the property and your production team are also part of the service meaning you only need to deal with one entity for all your on site needs at multiple locations. Privacy and protection for location scouts and managers is also provided, your client is your client and remains your client even after the first booking.

Short to Long Term Production office space is available. Most of our current inventory is unfurnished but as demand increases for furnished ready to use space we will respond by adding locations to our inventory. Due to the nature of short term office space, locations vary and change from one time to another.

Contact Us with your needs, we will do our best to deliver suitable locations that match your needs and budget. Other services such as Internet and Telephone service are available through Dextrion Technologies Corp. / Dextrion Media.

Property Owners / Managers – Rent your locations to Film & TV

Have a property that could be used for Film & TV Production? Contact us for a site evaluation. If your property has potential for various types of production use let us be your liaison with Film & TV production scouts / location managers. Contact us to discuss further. Have a property that could be used for Film & TV Production? Contact us for a site evaluation. If your property has potential for various types of production use let us be your liason with Film & TV productions. Contact usto discuss further.

On Set Services (for non union productions)

Dextrion Technologies / Dextrion Media can provide your production with a wide variety of support services related to on set needs.

  • Set Concepts / Design / Builds / Assembly

  • Props Sourcing

  • Script / Edit / Post / Graphics / More ….

  • Food & Catering Services

  • Tradeshow setups / strikes

  • Crew: Builds / Strike – Teardown

  • Set – Location Cleanup

  • Rubish / Materials Removal with proper disposal

  • Set Liquidation (Sale of Set items & Decor)

  • More services will be added as demand grows

Network Service Links

  • Transportation (Vehicles & Trucking)
  • Food & Catering
  • Hotels & Other Accomodation
  • Real Estate Services
  • Materials
  • Crew: Hair & Makeup